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Bridges signifies resilience: a journey from darkness to light. It also signifies a connection between myself and you… and now I'd like us to use this to connect. Please use this platform as a message-board to share your stories of resilience, strength and appreciation for yourself and others. I can't wait to read them.

Cal x

Tanja | Croatia

I was 25 years old. A toxic relationship that lasted for 6 years. I allowed him to humiliate me and trample on my feelings. I was unemployed and lived with my parents. I was worth nothing. I locked myself in a darkened room and cried over my fate. I fell into severe depression and could not even get out of bed. I was thinking the worst. Until one day when my body said enough was enough. It alarmed me in the form of a panic attack. And that's where the agony begins, but also enlightenment. I contacted psychiatry because I didn't want that kind of life. After several months of rehabilitation, I felt better but not fulfilled. I got a job and after some time a man came into my life who showed me what love should be like. We got married and had a daughter. I am still sometimes visited by the demons of the past in the form of depression and anxiety, but I am fighting. I don't let them control my life. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to see that I have value and that I am not unnecessary in this world.

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