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Bridges signifies resilience: a journey from darkness to light. It also signifies a connection between myself and you… and now I'd like us to use this to connect. Please use this platform as a message-board to share your stories of resilience, strength and appreciation for yourself and others. I can't wait to read them.

Cal x

Anwen Lokier | North Wales

In 2015 my husband passed away from leukaemia leaving me to care for my 7yr old Autistic son. I met a wonderful gentleman who had also lost his partner to cancer on a dating site. This was the start of our something new. Until 2017 my new partner was diagnosed with Aggressive Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was given three weeks if he didn't commence treatment straigh away. The loss of seeing our previous loved ones going through a horrific illness and now to have to deal with it again was horrendous. Something which both of us didnt think we could do. However that previous experience only made us stronger and having each other made us stronger than ever. He has now been given the all clear and even though things aren't too good with other issues we remain strong together. Biblical, Rise & Bridges are all associated with me with our last 7yrs together and the many more to come

Bridges - My Light