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Bridges signifies resilience: a journey from darkness to light. It also signifies a connection between myself and you… and now I'd like us to use this to connect. Please use this platform as a message-board to share your stories of resilience, strength and appreciation for yourself and others. I can't wait to read them.

Cal x

Lyndsey Taylor | Swadlincote derbyshire United kingdom

Well first of all I like to introduce my self my names lyndsey i am 40 years old single got no kids not married or anything I live in swadlincote Derbyshire United Kingdom I have all kinds of hobbies anyway I will get straight into my story I had a hard time growing up my real dad left myself and my sister Emma when we were very young he ran of with his secretary abroad for a new life there was one point where he tried to contact us wanting to know about us but nothing materialised we do not hear from him at all then my mum met someone else and married him my aunty was the one who introduced her to him everything was happy at this point in time I started to call him my step dad then we moved around to diffrent parts of the UK 🇬🇧 for his job he was in the police force we was like a normal family then suddenly one day he got violent towards my mum and beat her up and he turned to the drink he said he would get help for his drinking etc but nothing came of it then one day we finally got up and made a decision he pinned me up the wall and and grabbed Me enough was enough at this time so me and my mum moved up to swadlincote 23rd July 2016 also in 2015 I Met someone I could of seen my future with we was engaged I visited my aunty down in Cambridgeshire for a few days and I wanted to surprise him so I went to his flat and I found him in bed with my bestfriend he cheated on me i would just like to share my story because everything I went through was heartbreaking calum if your reading this I know how you feel we have gone through the same in life I was broken for a while but I had to mend my broken heart 💔 because no one else can do it for me the fact my real dad left when we was young I felt alone and frightened because I thought hand on heart one day I will get to hug my dad but he doesn't care about us so I had to live with it for so many years I care about people around me my sister my mum mum has met a nice wonderful man he treats her right that's the main thing I havent ever been in love because no one has shown me love i guess thats why i am single I just would like love eventually but I cant see that ever happening anyway I don't want to bore anyone I thought I share my story of what I went through sometimes i think I'm not good enough for anyone because everyone is happy in relationships and marriages and I just haven't found that ❤️ 💙 ♥️ anyway I like u all to know if you have similar stories would love to hear about them Lyndsey X

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