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Bridges signifies resilience: a journey from darkness to light. It also signifies a connection between myself and you… and now I'd like us to use this to connect. Please use this platform as a message-board to share your stories of resilience, strength and appreciation for yourself and others. I can't wait to read them.

Cal x

Anonymous | Phoenix, AZ

My entire life I have been told I am not good enough and not pretty enough. Everyone surrounding me has continued to doubt me and my potential. But that is my motivation, I fight everyday to be better, to help other people, to believe in others. I want to be the person I never had in my life. This world tears people down, discourages people talking about their struggles, and only wanting to hear the good. But the struggles, the tears we cry, there is no shame in that. Those struggles help form who we are today and should be celebrated for how far we have come.

Bridges - My Light